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Hoya wayetii - L w wiszącej donicy

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Hoya - a genus of plants from the toinaceae family, which includes more than 500 species. It is mainly found in Southeast Asia. Colloquially known as waxflower because of its waxy flowers and leaves. The star-shaped flowers are gathered in inflorescences of a dozen or so. Depending on the variety, the flowers vary in color. Hoja is a vine that can be carried on a stake, on a round support, as well as in a hanging pot.

Hoya wayetii is a variety with strongly elongated, narrow leaves in green with a dark edge. With more sunlight, this edge may discolor red. 

The offer applies to plants of size L (hanging pot)

The picture shows of the L size plants

More about cultivation:

Position: sunny, but no direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves.

Watering: hoyas do not like excess water, in summer you should water once a week, in winter once every two weeks.

Humidity: it is best to set the pot on a stand of expanded clay, sprinkling can damage the inflorescences.

Substrate: light and rich substrate.

Pet-friendly: NO

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